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Strategic technology partner.

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What Is Managed Strategy?

The most important purpose of a Managed Technology Partner is to provide strategic guidance. OSIbeyond’s Managed Strategy services take into consideration all aspects of an organization’s technology operations, including:

  • Technology Assessment
  • Security Assessment
  • IT Policy & SOP Development

“The technology assessments are helpful to me because someone else looks at our system and advises on the direction of where we need to be going. Our strategic quarterly calls are beneficial because it allows us to touch base on new products and initiatives. IT is ever changing, and it allows me to find out what OSIbeyond is looking at and what other organizations are doing, and that helps me drive our direction here at NCRC. One of the issues we are facing is that a lot of the policies and procures are not in place and I am using our strategic plan to help me show that there is a need for certain things.”

The National Community Reinvestment Coalition- Kevin Sall, Director Information Technology, NCRC

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technology assessment

Technology Assessment

OSIbeyond conducts biennial technology assessments as part of a proactive IT management model. The purpose of the technology assessment is to provide organizations with the current state of technology, recommendations for the future, and budget forecasting.

security assessment

Security Assessment

As technology advances so do the threats facing organizations. While external security threats are always a concern, it is as important to thoroughly consider internal threats within an organization. OSIbeyond conducts holistic security assessments to identify potential vulnerabilities, whether it is preventing malicious external attacks, or ensuring proper practices and staff training is implemented.

IT policy development

IT Policy & SOP Development

No matter how cutting edge the technology an organization implements, the lack of proper IT policies negates any benefits that might have been gained by the technology. OSIbeyond provides technical and management expertise by identifying areas that lack adequate structure and developing policies that balance the need for governance while embracing the organization’s culture.

Advance Your Organization’s Technology with Managed Strategy from OSIbeyond.