Strategic Technology Partnership (NCRC Restructures IT Operations)

Posted by Jason Firch on Aug 4, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Strategic Technology Partnership

NCRC restructured its IT operations by moving from on premise to managed private cloud solution hosted by OSIbeyond.

The IT leadership at NCRC recognized the benefits of hosting systems in the cloud but was seeking a partner that would provide a customizable and cost effective solution.

In addition, NCRC desired a true strategic technology partnership that would provide ongoing high-level support and strategic advice.

Upon engaging with OSIbeyond a custom solution was designed and implemented.

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As a result, NCRC realized several key benefits: 

  1. Implemented a cloud hosted solution that is cost effective, efficient, and customizable  
  2. Support a new telecommuting policy launched by the organization
  3. Established a partnership that provides flexibility and reliability

“OSIbeyond’s willingness to work with organizations to provide the services they need is one of their strengths. It’s not a one size fits all approach. They really come in to learn what people are looking for and provide them that type of service.”

- Kevin Sall, Director Information Technology, NCRC

About NCRC

The National Community Reinvestment Coalition (NCRC) was formed in 1990 by national, regional, and local organizations to develop and harness the collective energies of community reinvestment organizations from across the country so as to increase the flow of private capital into traditionally underserved communities.

NCRC has grown to an association of more than 600 community-based organizations that promote access to basic banking services, including credit and savings, to create and sustain affordable housing, job development and vibrant communities for America's working families.

Lack of Quality Support And Aging Infrastructure Caused Challenges for NCRC   

Mr. Kevin Sall, Director of Information Technology at NCRC, was hired as the first in house IT position for the organization.

Prior to Mr. Sall’s position all IT support was outsourced to a vendor and all infrastructure was on premise.

The introduction of his role was intended to help NCRC reshape some of the outside support services to be more economical for the organization, while at the same time making significant improvements to the infrastructure.

He required an organization that would be a technology partner rather than just a service provider.

 “I was looking for a solution that would fit our needs, provide the infrastructure and getting it all done cost effectively. A partner that would work with us and take a team approach. Since I was a new position and onsite, I could be the first level of support but I also knew I needed back up because we have a staff of 70 people. I was looking for a partner to help support me because I really felt that the staff at NCRC needed quality.”

Decision to Partner with OSIbeyond

One of the key factors in partnering with OSIbeyond was the level of transparency in provided when pricing a turnkey, flexible solution.

OSIbeyond offers an intuitive online configurator where customers can easily configure their own solution and receive instant pricing.

This level of transparency eliminates the complexity in identifying the right provider and allows for more focus on the correct solution for your organization. 

 “What I like about OSIbeyond’s website is that you can go and configure everything that you need and get the pricing right there. It was very transparent… other providers pricing is more gated. OSIbeyond had, what I thought a key setup for our needs. I knew I could get that solution anywhere else but they have it off the shelf which gave me a better feeling because I knew they can customize things to our needs."

A Custom Cloud Solution

NCRC required a technology partner with the experience and understanding of managing IT operations from cloud solutions, to high level support and strategic advising.

Upon engaging with OSIbeyond, a private cloud solution was designed that would eliminate the hosting of any production systems on premises.

OSIbeyond then provided complete project management and oversight of the migration to the cloud.

 “One of my goals when I selected a technology partner was to upgrade our hardware because our existing system was 5-6 years old and we had one host running all our server’s onsite. It concerned me because it was one box and I was looking to do a much better robust system for us and having it in the cloud with the redundancy helps me sleep a bit better at night.” 

NCRC Has Enjoyed Rock Solid Reliably with OSIbeyond’s eXos Cloud    

Since engaging with OSIbeyond and transitioning to the cloud, NCRC has enjoyed the reliability of an enterprise grade infrastructure and the many benefits gained from cloud hosted solutions.

 “Reliability has been rock solid. It just works all the time. I’m doing a lot less maintenance on servers which allows me to shift my focus more on the staff and help them better and more efficiently use technology to accomplish their jobs and tasks.” 

In addition, as a Managed Technology Partner for NCRC, OSIbeyond has conducted routine technology assessments providing key recommendations and a technology roadmap, as well as quarterly strategic consultation to ensure technology plans fit the changing needs of the organization.

 “The technology assessments are helpful to me because someone else looks at our system and advises on the direction of where we need to be going. Our strategic quarterly calls are beneficial because it allows us to touch base on new products and initiatives. IT is ever changing, and it allows me to find out what OSIbeyond is looking at and what other organizations are doing, and that helps me drive our direction here at NCRC. One of the issues we are facing is that a lot of the policies and procures are not in place and I am using our strategic plan to help me show that there is a need for certain things.” 

NCRC’s Experience with OSIbeyond as a Strategic Technology Partner

Throughout the engagement with OSIbeyond NCRC has continuously experienced world-class customer service and technical competence.

Having a partner that is capable to assist with the challenges faced by the organization, while coming up with solutions that are not only efficient but also cost effective, has been a critical component of the partnership.      

“I’m happy with our relationship. My organization keeps throwing me a lot of curve balls. You guys are always there to help me figure things out. OSIbeyond seems to have the same staff throughout the whole process and I’ve been here for a year and a half now. They get to know us and what our needs are.”

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