How Strategic IT Consulting Services Revitalized NASSP's Operations

Posted by Jason Firch on Jul 22, 2016 9:00:00 AM

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NASSP Moves from On Premise to Cloud Hosted Solution with OSIbeyond

OSIbeyond provided NASSP with strategic IT consulting services to revitalize its technology operations by moving from on premise to a cloud hosted solution.

The IT leadership at NASSP understood the benefits of hosting systems in the cloud but did not have the right partner in place to implement a solution.

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The existing on premise infrastructure was outdated, unreliable and inflexible. Upon engaging with OSIbeyond, a customized cloud solution was designed and implemented.

As a result, NASSP realized several key benefits:

  1. Easy to use remote access solution which has allowed the implementation of a telecommuting policy
  2. Significant decrease of on premise infrastructure including the elimination of 30 physical servers
  3. Guaranteed availability of systems providing peace of mind

We have a reliable, knowledgeable and affordable partner in OSI. OSI took the time to analyze our old infrastructure, understand our needs and transform our infrastructure to meet current industry standards. In less than 6 months our network jumped from the dinosaur age to the 21st century.”
- Meta Tshilombo, Director of Information Services, NASSP


The National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP) is the leading organization of and voice for middle level and high school principals, assistant principals, and school leaders from across the United States and in over 35 countries around the world.

Founded in 1916, NASSP's mission is to connect and engage school leaders through advocacy, research, education, and student programs.

NASSP National Association of Secondary School Principals - OSIbeyond


Lack of Reliability of an Aging Infrastrcuture Limited Staff's Ability to Thrive

Meta Tshilombo, Director of Information Services at NASSP, was frustrated by the lack of proper documentation, reliability, and inadequate security of an aging IT infrastructure.

The on premise systems consisted of 30 physical servers, many of which were end of life and running outdated platforms.

Maintaining this onsite footprint required significant resources from NASSP’s internal IT department and legacy vendor, diverting attention from projects that could more directly benefit the organization.

The backup solution was unreliable, the antivirus protection was inadequate, and the network firewall security was outdated.

The existing vendor did not offer cloud solutions nor possess the expertise to assist NASSP in transitioning to the cloud.

The Solution

NASSP required a strategic technology partner with an in depth understanding of cloud technologies and solutions as well as demonstrated experience to transition NASSP to a fully cloud hosted model.

Upon engaging with OSIbeyond, a complete analysis of IT systems was conducted. 

A cloud solution was then designed that allowed for significant consolidation of systems.

OSIbeyond then provided complete project management and oversight of the migration to the cloud, including working directly with NASSP’s existing third party application vendors to ensure a smooth transition.

NASSP's IT Systems Are More Reliable and Accessible with OSIbeyond's eXos Cloud

Since engaging with OSIbeyond's IT consulting services and transitioning to the cloud, NASSP has enjoyed the reliability of an enterprise grade infrastructure and the many benefits gained from cloud hosted solutions.

“As part of the cloud solution, a Microsoft Terminal Server environment was implemented providing our staff remote access to applications and files which now allows for an organizational telecommuting policy” said Ms. Tshilombo.

In addition, the many environmental factors associated when hosting systems on premise have been completely eliminated.

“We are no longer vulnerable to power outages or viruses. Our infrastructure is sound and stable allowing the staff to thrive.”

IT Consulting Companies Are Not All Equal

IT consulting companiesEngaging in a strategic technology partnership with a trusted provider is critical to creating a 3 year Technology roadmap.

However, not all IT consulting firms offer the same level of strategic guidance. 

Before hiring an IT consultant to evaluate your organization, consider these three main points:

  1. Technology Assessments
  2. IT Policy & SOP Development
  3. Security Evaluation

You should also seek a managed technology partner that evaluates and provides recommendations on network infrastructure, applications & systems, and data management.

1. Technology Assessments

Technology assessments should be conducted biennially as part of a proactive IT management model.

The purpose of these IT assessments is to provide organizations with the current state of technology, recommendations for the future, and budget forecasting.

When performed biennially this practice results in a decrease in unexpected technology expenditures as well as overall enhancement of an organization’s technology solutions.

The technology assessment is a comprehensive report that provides explanation of the current configuration, industry best practice, professional recommendations, and budgetary costs.

2. IT Policy & SOP Development

Key IT PoliciesNo matter how cutting edge the technology an organization implements, the lack of proper IT policies negates any benefits that might have been gained by the technology.

This is a common shortfall in the nonprofit and association industry.

Often times the status quo and organizational politics get in the way of implementing policies that will ultimately benefit the organization.

In other cases, the lack of internal expertise or resources to develop and implement such policies are reasons for an organization not having strongly defined IT processes.

3. Security Evaluation

As technology advances so do the threats facing organizations. Security is a growing concern for nonprofits and associations as it is a critical component of your IT operations.

While external security threats are always a concern, it is as important to thoroughly consider internal threats within an organization.

Enhanced Security Services have begun to increase in adoption in an effort to provide safeguards to prevent cyber attacks:

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