Unified Communications And Collaboration (UCC): Video Demo

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Unified Communications And Collaboration

Welcome to the eXos Unified Communications Video Demo.

We’ll be giving a brief overview of our eXos Unified Communications platform and how this fully integrated cloud hosted VoIP solution can and will increase productivity within an organization.

Let’s take a look at the core features of eXos Unified Communications, which is based on Skype for Business.

What is Unified Communications?

Unified communications is broken into three main areas:

  1. Instant Messaging
  2. Cloud Hosted PBX Phone System
  3. Web Meeting and Video Conferencing

Starting with instant messaging, this is a secure messaging platform that is exclusive to your organization, but with more powerful chat andcollaboration capabilities.

Next, the cloud hosted PBX telephony system offers all the features of a traditional phone system, but with the ability to make and receive calls anywhere on any device. 

And finally, eXos Unified Communications offers a complete web meeting and conferencing solution with HD voice and video. 

Instant Messaging and User Presence 

Let’s talk a little bit more about the chat feature.

The instant messaging and user presence functionality is a time saver, especially when you need an answer to a quick question, but don’t have time to get caught in a lengthy email chain.

It’s easy to use, fully integrates with Outlook, and provides a way for remote and onsite workers to still feel connected to the office.

Looking at the skype for business client there are a few key features to point out:

First, each person has a presence, whether it be Available, Busy, Do Not Disturb, Offline, Away, and so on.


Unified Communications and Collaboration Instant Messaging


You can also set your location to automatically identify whether you’re working remotely at home, or in your office.

Interesting point about the Do Not Disturb feature, it prevents any messages from popping up during the middle of a presentation and stores that message in Outlook to view later.

Next, starting an individual chat is done by searching for the contact within the Skype for Business Client, and double clicking on their name.

You can also add another user to the chat by dragging their name to the chat window.


Unified Instant Messaging and Collaboration


This cloud hosted VoIP solution also allows you to group, and manage contacts you most frequently interact with.

Starting with your favorites, anyone you add to this list will always be at the top of your contacts.

You can create new groups to organize your contact list by clicking on the “Add contact or group icon” and select “create a new group”.

Finally, all conversation history is stored in the Outlook under the “Conversation History” folder and in Skype for Business Client under the conversations tab.

Cloud Hosted PBX Telephony System

Next, we’re going to take a look at some of the voice capabilities.

eXos Unified Communications is a cloud hosted PBX telephony system which completely replaces a conventional phone system.

You can place calls to any number, whether local, long-distance or international with unlimited calling to domestic numbers.

These calls can be placed from a traditional physical deskphone, your computer using a headset, or the Skype for Business mobile app.

Let’s take a look at how you would make an external call from within the Skype for Business Client.

First, select the keypad icon below your picture and dial the number as you normally would.

You can call internally within the skype for business client by hovering over a contact’s name and clicking the phone icon to place the call.


Unified Communications and Collaboration Telephony System


In addition to this, the skype for business client can also be used to answer calls through the forwarding or simultaneous ring.

Navigate to the bottom left of the client and click “the call forwarding icon” where you can select the option to forward a call to any number or directly to your voicemail.

Or, have it simultaneously ring to any number on any device.


Call Forwarding Communications and Collaboration


Voicemail within eXos Unified Communications integrates directly with your Outlook, Desk phone, or Skype for Business Client.

Within the desktop client, navigate to the phone keypad tab. You’ll see a list of your voicemails which can be double clicked to listen to.

Likewise, when you receive a voicemail, it will appear as an email within Outlook.

You then have the option to play the voicemail, and also view the voice to text transcription.


Unified Communications Voicemail

Online Meeting and Conferencing Solution

eXos Unified Communications offers a complete online meeting and conferencing solution with HD voice and video, screen and presentation sharing, interactive white boards, Polls, and Q&A’s.

To schedule meetings within Outlook, navigate to Calendar and click on “New Skype Meeting”. 


Skype for Business Meeting

This will create a new meeting request that will include a link to the meeting as well as a dial in number and conference pin.

Join Skype Meeting


When the time comes to join a meeting click “Join Online” through the Outlook Calendar Reminder.


Outlook Calendar Online Meeting Reminder

eXos Unified Communications and Collaboration also offers a quick way to start a meeting.

These impromptu meetings can be started within Skype for Business by navigating to the settings wheel, select the drop down menu, and click meet now.

This opens up a conference bridge where you can choose to use the audio in the client, or by having skype for business call you at number of your choice with the “Call me at” option.


How to Join Skype for Business Online Meeting


To add people to the meeting, drag and drop the desired contact.

Or, click the “invite” icon and enter their phone number. To add your video to the meeting, click the video icon.

During all meetings you have the ability to present your desktop, individual applications, or PowerPoint files.

In addition, you may share documents related to the call with other participants.

By clicking on more, you also have additional options to present a whiteboard, interactive polls, or Q&As.


Online Meeting and Conferencing Solution



eXos Unified Communications and Collaboration connects organizations whether you’re using a traditional, physical deskphone, the Skype for Business desktop client, or the mobile app.

The eXos solution is more than just a phone system, it’s a collaboration suite that improves staff productivity by combining email, voice, instant messaging, and meetings into a single truly unified integrated solution.


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eXos Unified Communications and Collaboration Demo

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