ASAE Technology Conference 2017 (Strategic IT Solutions & More)

Posted by Jason Firch on Jun 27, 2017 3:00:00 PM

ASAE Technology Conference

Every year nonprofits, associations, and vendors alike flock to the ASAE Technology Conference and Exposition at the Gaylord National Convention Center in National Harbor, Maryland.

The 2 day event is packed full of disruptive and strategic IT solutions, industry trends, amazing learning sessions, and of course the exhibition hall.

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Strategic IT Solutions For Associations

If there's one thing we've learned over the years it's that associations are looking for their vendors to fill the role of a trusted strategic technology partner to plan and implement new IT initiatives.

One of the first things you should look for in your strategic partner is a technology assessment. 

The purpose of the assessment is to decrease unexpected technology expenditures by providing 3 year budgetary costs, along with a technology roadmap consisting of industry best practices and recommendations.

As part of a proactive IT management model, biennial technology assessments identify areas of improvement in your infrastructure as well as your core technology operations.

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Typically, a technician is sent on-site to re-evaluate your organization’s environment, and then a detailed report is prepared with recommendations.

On average, you can expect the cost of the assesment to be equivalent to 8 hours of labor (which in our case would be billed as part of your Managed Services plan).

Download the full PDF version of OSIbeyond's strategic technology consulting services.



Read Client Case Studies:

eXos Unified Communications Is 1 Year Old!

exos unified communicationsLast year at tech we announced the launch of eXos Unified Communications, which is a collaboration platform that connects mobile and remote staff to your office by unifying all of your communication needs into one affordable and easy to use solution.

Since it's launch, we've had an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from the nonprofit & association community:


  The Society of Federal Health Professionals - AMSUS

“Our work from home policy was drafted knowing the system was already in place and the capabilities it would provide. With the assistance of our HR consultant we built the new policies around the capabilities of the eXos Unified Communications package.”

- Diane Condrick, Executive Assistant, AMSUS 


Consortium for School Networking - COSN

“We realized that we could implement a feature-rich unified solution for a price that was comparable to our old system. It was not a difficult analysis or decision. Our IT provider [OSIbeyond] truly manages our phones now. They used to be the middle man. One point of contact makes it easier on our staff .”

- Robert Duke, CAE, Chief Operating Officer, COSN


Government Accountability Project - GAP

“The phone system is just better. It works. The intercom is clearer. When someone is calling, it shows up on my desktop and it’s helpful to know exactly who is calling. The user presence feature allows remote staff to take part in weekly meetings, whereas the old phone system lacked the feature set to do that.”

- Elizabeth Lamb, Director of Finance, GAP 


Read What Our Clients Are Saying (Case Studies):


Managed Security Services

In a continued effort to better serve and protect our clients, OSIbeyond is announcing the launch of our IT Systems Vulnerability Assessment.

IT Systems Vulnerability Assessment
With these assessments, your IT systems are scanned to identify potential risks and establish benchmarks of your overall security situation.

Ongoing support through our Enhanced Security Services also works to:

  • Protect against phishing emails and whaling/CEO fraud

  • Prevent malicious inbound email attacks

  • Secure smartphones and tablets to safeguard devices and data

  • Stop hackers from accessing your account (even if they know your password)

Secure Cloud File Sharing Solution (It's Free!)

eXos Nextcloud is a secure file sharing application hosted on OSIbeyond’s world-class private cloud platform.

eXos Nextcloud integrates with your existing file server hosted by OSIbeyond and provides the ability to access and share your files from any device.

This solution provides ease of access to your organization's files to any device, anywhere, without the need of a VPN.

Why OSIbeyond Attends The ASAE Technology Conference and Expo

Founded in 2004, OSIbeyond exclusively provides Managed IT Services, Cloud Solutions, Unified Communications and Strategic Technology Consulting services to Nonprofits and Associations in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia. 

ASAE Technology Conference & Expo

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